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UTILEV® offers 3 wheel electric counterbalance forklift trucks in three configurations with a range of front end equipment options to suit varying applications.

  • UT15PTE 3000 lb forklift
  • UT18PTE 3500 lb forklift
  • UT20PTE 4000 lb forklift

All models feature a durable steel frame with integrated hydraulic tanks, 3-stage FFL masts and AC drive and hoist motors. All UTILEV® lift trucks include a standard 12-month/2000-hour warranty and are backed by an extensive service network of independent, experienced resellers.

Both standard or integral side shift carriages are available; 2 Stage LFL or 3 stage FFL masts are engineered from heavy, high-tensile steel and mounted on the frame for stability. Wide mast spacing provides visibility of the load and the surrounding operating environment.

Both drive and hoist-drive systems are fully adjustable with more than 30 performance parameters able to be adjusted to suit the type of load, operating environment and the operator. The 48-volt electric system offers superb maneuverability, with roll-back almost eliminated, and Curtis AC Controllers optimize battery power and energy consumption.

The ergonomically designed operator compartment features a familiar automotive layout, ample foot space and available heated cab, for a comfortable working environment. A wide, low mounted step and large grab handles allow the operator to get on and off the truck easily from either side; on-demand hydraulic power steering, an adjustable steering column and ergonomic seating provide operator comfort. Higher travel speeds are attainable.

Comprehensive dash display includes battery level and drive wheel alignment indicator, plus built-in diagnostic indicators for intermittent faults and service requirements. Inching is mechanical and adjustable, delivering precise truck positioning during handling operations.

Together, easily accessible components, high quality materials, AC drives, wet disc brakes and efficient hydraulics help keep service hours and costs for the UTILEV® UT15-20PTE range to a minimum.

Optional Equipment

  • Integral side shift
  • 48” forks
  • Internal mounted auxiliary hose group
  • Non-marking PSS tires
  • Full-suspension seating
  • Rear work light
  • Backup alarm
  • Strobe light

Technical Details:



3 wheel forklift


3 wheel forklift


3 wheel forklift


3000 lb.

3500 lb.

4000 lb.


48V, 500-750Ah capacity

Drive Motor


Hoist Motor



 2 Stage LFL or 3 stage FFL


39.4” Class 2 hook type


3.9” x 1.6” x 42” Class 2

Front Tires

18x7-8 PPS

18x7-8 PPS

200/50-10 PPS

Back Tire

15x4.5-8 PPS


Wet Disc